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NBA Trade Rumors: Michael Beasley Is Not A Hot Topic, According To ESPN's Chad Ford

There are quite a few NBA trade rumors circulating around Michael Beasley and the Minnesota Timberwolves, which makes sense considering there have been reports out there for quite awhile saying that Beasley is on the trading block. Not everyone believes the anonymous sources, however.

Beasley's status as a player everyone is trying to trade for has been inflated, according to ESPN's Chad Ford. The analyst expounded during his weekly chat on Wednesday afternoon.

I love that story ... "Beasley is a VERY hot topic ..." and "many" teams are interested ... and it's from a Minnesota source. What do you think they're going to say? No one wants the guy. Clearly they want to move him and clearly they're trying to create a market for him. Whether any of this is actually real? I haven't found a team dying to get their hands on Beasley. I think some would take him for the right price ... but teams aren't lined up to give away assets for him.

It sounds like Ford might not be a big Beasley fan, huh?

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