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Kevin Love Wants Minnesota Timberwolves To Upgrade Roster

Since being named as a member of the United States men's basketball team, Minnesota Timberwolves superstar Kevin Love has had the opportunity to play with a roster full of the greatest players in the world.

However, with that opportunity has come discontent as Love realizes that the group playing around him in Minnesota is no where near the caliber of the teammates the rest of his Team USA counterparts has playing around them. Not to mention that Love is the only member of the team who has yet to play in a playoff game.

It has him urging the Timberwolves front office that some changes need to be made or else there may be consequences.

Via Yahoo!:

"My patience is not high," Love said. "Would yours be, especially when I'm a big proponent of greatness surrounding itself with greatness? All these [Team USA] guys seem to have great players around them.

"It's tough seeing all these guys that are young and older who have all played in the playoffs. When they start talking about that, I have nothing to talk about. If I don't make the playoffs next year I don't know what will happen."

Love made it clear that he is happy in Minnesota and merely wants to win.

"I would say it's coming down to it for sure [next season]. It's no secret I was willing to commit to Minnesota for five years. I'm very happy with my contract. I'd love to be in Minnesota. But like anybody else, I want to win."

"If we don't make the playoffs, I don't know it's going to be me or something, but our management needs to step up and make some moves," Love said.

Love will begin a four-year, $62 million contract extension in 2012-13. There is a clause in the contract that will allow him to opt-out after the third year.

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