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Michael Beasley Is Still Weird

The Minnesota Timberwolves recently let erratic forward Michael Beasley go as a free agent. Beasley signed with the Phoenix Suns. Naturally, the former Minnesota forward had some stuff to get rid of from his old digs in Minnesota, so he decided to sell some things. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? This kind of stuff happens all the time with pro athletes.

But this is Michael Beasley we're talking about here. So things got weird.

Beasley didn't simply sell his stuff on Craigslist or have his real estate agent put his old house on the market. He didn't just hire a moving company to transfer his things to Arizona either. He opted instead for an estate sale, which is usually reserved for the recently deceased or financially strained. Since Beasley is obviously alive and well and hasn't had any bankruptcies, the decision to have an estate sale was just as odd as his goofball persona.

But this is still Michael Beasley we're talking about here. So things got weirder.

The stuff that Beasley was selling didn't seem like it came from the house of a wealthy professional basketball player. It looked more like the stuff you'd find at your crazy aunt's house. Joan Niesen of Fox Sports North posted a full rundown of some of the things she found at the estate sale, and it's definitely worth checking out. There weren't any lavish entertainment systems or huge collections of fancy cars--there were odd looking salt and pepper shakers accompanied by women's handbags.

Apparently only 90% of the stuff was Beasley's, so some of the more bizarre possessions might not have belonged to him. But the end of his tenure was just like it was when he played in Minnesota: 100% bizarre.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.