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Matt Capps Receives One Year Deal Worth $4.5 Million With Option From Twins

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As we noted earlier tonight, the Minnesota Twins have re-signed relief pitcher Matt Capps. And while the deal has not yet been formally announced, details have emerged via the Associated Press that the deal is for one year and worth $4.5 million. Additionally, the AP reports that contract includes a "$6 million option with a $250,000 buyout."

In our first report tonight on the matter, we mentioned how Twinkie Town derided the re-signing of a pitcher whose ERA jumped from 2.47 in 2010 to 4.25 in 2011.

Twinkie Town, it turns out, appears to be in the majority when it voices disapproval with the team bringing back Capps. Count Seth Stohs of the Minneapolis Star Tribune among the unbelievers.

Many blog readers refer to me as The Positive Twins blogger. That will be tested because I can’t find a single positive spin to the Twins decision to re-sign relief pitcher Matt Capps for one year, plus an option (pending physical, of course).

Capps is expected to close games in light of the fact that Joe Nathan signed a two-year deal with the Texas Rangers a few weeks ago, so, for better or worse, the spotlight and pressure will probably be on him from Opening Day.

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