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MLB Trade Rumors: Could An Injured Shoulder Keep Francisco Liriano From being Traded?

If you are listening to the various reports from around the interwebs (scientific name) then the Yankees are interested in trading for Francisco Liriano, and a trade could go down before the end of Spring Training. But the Yankees have reportedly shown a little bit of trepidation about acquiring Liriano because of a bum shoulder. But according to Kelly Thesier of, Liriano does not think that the shoulder injury is a big deal.

"Shoulder's been sore for the last three or four days, so I've just been working in the training room," said Liriano, who had a bag of ice wrapped around his shoulder as he spoke to reporters. "Feels a little bit tight -- nothing big, it's just real tight."

He is saying all the right things, but "real tight" is not something you want to hear about a pitcher's shoulder, especially so early into training camp. Shoulder injuries are the worst thing for a pitcher. Even if the Twins decide not to trade Liriano to the Yankees, or anywhere else for that matter, shoulder injuries are the last thing you want to hear about him having. His shoulder injury will likely have to be resolved before any trade discussions can get serious.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.