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Who Is The "Most Annoying" Minnesota Twin?

Something a bit out of the ordinary for this Monday afternoon.

The folks at Baseball Nation have attempted to do a ranking of the most annoying players in baseball, giving each team one representative on the list. The obvious choice for most annoying player in the game today. . .and quite possibly ever. . .is Chicago White Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski, and sure enough he was number one on the list. (Although we can't completely trash the guy. . .after all, he did bring us Joe Nathan and Francisco Liriano.)

Going down the list, once you get to number 18, you find the representative for our Minnesota Twins. . .and, apparently, the folks at Baseball Nation think that the Twins' most annoying player is. . .

Carl Pavano? And they base the reasoning around his mustache? And the fact that he dated Alyssa Milano once upon a time?

Okay, I must officially take umbrage at this assertion. For starters, the Pavstache was godly and never should have left the visage of Mr. Pavano. Secondly, Pavano seems like a pretty decent guy, and he stole a bunch of money from the Yankees over the course of a few seasons, so he's got that going for him, which is nice. Third. . .I'm not sure if I want to be part of a world where we hold dating Alyssa Milano against somebody. . .I mean, have you seen Alyssa Milano lately. I know a whole lot of people that wish they could be that "annoying."

In conclusion, there's no way Carl Pavano should be considered the most annoying Minnesota Twin. So who is? I have a couple of suggestions.

Delmon Young - My personal choice. . .it irks me that we traded Matt Garza for this guy. Watching a guy with this much talent half-ass it as much as he does is one of the more frustrating parts of being a fan of the 2011 Minnesota Twins.

Alexi Casilla - How bad is Casilla most of the time? The guy makes me miss Nick Punto, that's how bad he is. At least Punto played lights-out defense when he was with the Twins, not to mention providing our friends at Twinkie Town with endless comedy fodder.

Pretty much the entire bullpen - You know what's annoying as heck? Watching the bullpen melt down nearly every night, that's what.

So, in the opinion of you fine, upstanding Twins fans out there. . .if you had to pick a most annoying member of the Twins, who would you take?

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.