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2011 MLB Mock Draft: Baseball America Has Twins Selecting Sean Gilmartin

Apparently, a lot of folks out there think that the Twins need left-handed pitching.

Baseball America, another leading source of information on prospects for the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft, has followed the lead of Baseball Prospectus and projected Sean Gilmartin to the Twins with the 30th overall selection in their final 2011 MLB Mock Draft. So, since we've already talked about Gilmartin, let's take a look at another potential prospect instead.

A few picks after Minnesota, Baseball prospectus has Cheyenne, Wyoming high school outfielder Brandon Nimmo projected to the Texas Rangers. Nimmo, by all accounts, has a huge bat, has the arm to play right field, and has shown good speed in the past, despite having surgery on his ACL in 2009. Another interesting thing about Nimmo is that his high school does not actually have a baseball team, so he's spent his time playing American Legion ball instead.

Still, scouts have seen enough of Nimmo to project that he will be highly drafted. In fact, he will likely be the highest player ever drafted from the state of Wyoming. Prior to now, no high schooler from the state of Wyoming has been drafted higher than the sixth round. He has also been said to want "first-round money," so if he happens to slide out of the first round, he will likely follow up on his commitment to play college ball for the University of Arkansas rather than sign for less.

Could Nimmo possibly be the next member of the Minnesota Twins? It depends on if the team thinks he's worth spending the money on, from the looks of things.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.