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2011 MLB Mock Draft: Sean Gilmartin Projected To Minnesota By FanGraphs, Too

Sean Gilmartin, apparently, is a very popular guy in Minnesota. . .at least, if the final 2011 Major League Baseball mock drafts are to be believed.

The folks over at FanGraphs have put together a 2011 MLB Mock Draft, and they. . .just like Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus. . .have projected Florida State left-hander Sean Gilmartin to the Twins at selection number 30 in this year's selection process. Here's what FanGraphs has to say about Gilmartin:

Teams in search of a "safe" and signable college pitcher could look to Gilmartin in the first round of the draft. Not surprisingly, he’s been linked to Minnesota and is the type of pitcher that organization usually targets. His repertoire includes an 87-91 mph fastball, plus changeup and developing slider.

Safe. . .yes, that's a word that generally describes the Minnesota Twins, that's for sure. They likely don't want to deal with someone that could turn out to be a headache, and if the word on Gilmartin is that he's safe and easily signable, all of this linking of him to the Twins makes that much more sense.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.