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MLB Standings Update: Twins Pushing For American League's Worst Record

With a couple of losses to the Kansas City Royals, the fourth-place team in the American League Central, the Minnesota Twins have taken a couple more steps towards cementing themselves at the bottom of the division for the first time since the 2000 season.

Here are the current standings in the American League Central.

AL Central Standings

Detroit 87 63 .580 0 Lost 1
Chicago 73 76 .489 13.5 Lost 5
Cleveland 72 75 .489 13.5 Lost 3
Kansas City 65 86 .430 22.5 Won 5
Minnesota 59 89 .398 27 Lost 5

(updated 9.16.2011 at 9:10 AM PDT)

First off, we have to give congratulations to the Detroit Tigers, who currently have a magic number of 1 in the division race, meaning that the next time they win a game (or the Cleveland Indians lose a game), the Tigers will win a division title for the first time since they won the American League East in 1987. That team went on to lose to the Twins in the ALCS.

But more about the Twins. . .because we have to.

The Twins have 14 more games on their 2011 schedule, and will have to find at least four wins in those final 14 games to avoid what would be only the second 100-loss season since the team moved to Minnesota. Thus far, the only 100-loss season the team has posted since moving to Minnesota occurred in 1982 when the Twins put together a record of 60-102.

Not only that, but the Twins are locked in a battle for the worst record in the American League. . .a mark that they are currently in possession of. At this moment, the Twins' 59-89 mark puts them a game behind the 60-88 Baltimore Orioles. . .who swept a four-game set from the Twins in the very recent past. . .for the worst record in the Junior Circuit. If it's any consolation (and, really, it shouldn't be), it looks like the Twins won't have to worry about posting the worst record in the Major Leagues, as the Houston Astros appear to have that locked up with their current 51-98 mark.

It's been a long season in Minnesota. Soon, however, it will mercifully come to its end, and we can start looking forward to 2012.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.