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Twins Enter Realm Of Absurd, Writes Star Tribune's Jim Souhan

Now that the Minnesota Twins own the league's worst record by a full two games, Star Tribune writer Jim Souhan went ahead and sounded off of what he say will be a long season.

Not that the Twins' struggles constitutes breaking news. But they're starting to distinguish themselves.

For instance: The Kansas City Royals, who have already suffered through a 10-game home losing streak, are two games ahead of the Twins (KC is 9-19 and Minnesota is 7-21). The Twins have also been no-hit, and Justin Morneau is back on the DL, and Francisco Liriano has a 9.45 ERA, and things are bleak.

Souhan doesn't sugarcoat anything in his Tuesday column:

Erik Komatsu, the Twins' new outfielder, thwarted history. His single off the Angels' Jered Weaver prevented Weaver from pitching a second consecutive no-hitter against the Twins, and it has been weeks since a pitcher has thrown consecutive no-hitters against the Twins.

For smacking a third-inning single up the middle, Komatsu received a standing ovation. It was like watching a crowd cheer for a valet.

Then, in the top of the ninth, with the Twins within two runs in a game they would lose 8-3, Twins reliever Glen Perkins tried to pick off a runner, and his throw instead almost hit Parmelee in the temple.

What was ugly has turned absurd.

Unfortunately, the Twins' schedule has, according to the numbers, been weak so far. They are currently player their third series against the Los Angeles Angels, who at 13-17 are the worst team in the AL West, and have also had series against the Seattle Mariners (14-17) and Royals.

Tuesday's game starts at 7:10 Central.

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