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MLB Trade Rumors: Minnesota Twins Want A Deal, But Only If It's Great

The Minnesota Twins have a lot of needs, and they're reportedly asking for high prices in possible trade scenarios as the trade deadline approaches.


The MLB trade deadline is July 31, and there are quite a few players on the Minnesota Twins that look like they could be potential targets for teams clamoring for talent. The Twins aren't going to deal any of their players for peanuts though, according to an article from

As the Twins head into the final weekend before the July 31 trade deadline, they're one of the few bona fide sellers in a market influenced by an extra wild-card team being added to each league. And while general manager Terry Ryan is making and taking calls, the Twins apparently won't be forced into deals just because they are 40-58.

Some of the players they have available that are under contract for 2013 include outfielders Josh Willingham and Denard Span. Pitcher Francisco Liriano has also been looked at by several teams trying to boost their starting rotations a bit, and Liriano's solid recent form has helped things out a bit for the Twins as they look to get a return for him.

They're not selling their players low though, and that seems to be hurting their stock in trade talks. The fact that the Twins are lacking in a lot of organizational depth isn't helping matters either -- it means that they have a lot more needs than a lot of teams may be able to handle in a potential trade scenario if the Twins are asking for a lot:

The Twins' biggest -- though not exclusive -- goal is to replenish their pitching ranks, particularly with hard-throwing arms. That could put a quick halt to conversations with a contender that lacks organizational depth. An executive from one team that has talked with the Twins said Minnesota wanted so much in return that his club couldn't get as far as discussing specific players.

With four days left until the trade deadline hits, the Twins may need to lower their prices a bit or they won't see much return for their more solid players even as they languish at 40-58.

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