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MLB Trade Rumors: Could Josh Willingham Be Moved?

With the MLB non-waiver trade deadline already passed, attention is now set on the waiver trade deadline that expires on Sept. 1 at midnight, ET.

That means that teams are still able to trade players as long as they place them on the waiver wire at some point in August, which opens up all kinds of possibilities over the course of the next month.

On Friday, SB Nation's Grant Brisbee wrote a column detailing the three most interesting pieces that potentially could be moved in a waiver-wire deal.

The Minnesota Twins Josh Willingham was one of the three.

Via SB Nation:

He has a contract that's more than reasonable (two more years at $7 million) [...] But between the Royals and Yankees, someone will claim him. And they'll get an exclusive window to see what the Twins' price is. The Twins have said they aren't planning to trade Willingham, but they have to at least listen. They aren't just a plugged hole short of a functional rowboat, and Willingham could bring back two or three nice prospects.

Would you be willing to move Willingham in order to bring in pieces that can be used in the future?

For more on the Minnesota Twins, check out Twinkie Town. You can also head over to SB Nation's main MLB hub at Baseball Nation, or watch SB Nation's YouTube channel:

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