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Josh Willingham Open To Extension With Twins

The Minnesota Twins have outfielder Josh Willingham signed through 2014 at $7 million per season. Minnesota likes what he brings to the table and might be in the market to get him signed beyond 2014 in the future. They're not in any hurry though, but someone is: Willingham. He is hoping to get another year or so added to his contract, and according to Darren Wolfson from, he'd be willing to take the extra year at below market value.

Twins outfielder Josh Willingham is open to a one-year contract extension. Currently signed through 2014 at $7 million per season, he's searching for a bit more long-term security and is willing to accept below market value. Even so, don't expect the Twins to approach him until after next season, if at all.

Willingham is worth the $7 million per season he's making now, but he's 33 years old and has already played eight years in MLB. The Twins are currently in a poor situation, sitting at the bottom of the AL Central, and they likely want to see how the next couple years play out before they commit more money to some of the older players.

Still, Willingham is batting .261 on the season and has 33 home runs. He's also got 102 RBIs and sports a .368 on-base percentage.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.