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Brett Favre Wants To Play This Weekend Against New England Patriots

Brett Favre didn’t practice for the Minnesota Vikings on Wednesday, but that does not necessarily mean he won’t play this weekend.

“I would love to play,” Favre told the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s Judd Zulgad. “There’s a chance I don’t play. That’s no secret to anyone. I want to play. I want to do what I can this week to get myself ready to play. I know the bone will continue to be broken for quite a while. I’ve done it in the past. I think I can do it again. I just want to help this team get back on track.”

It might not be up to Favre, though, according to Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress.

Asked how much of the decision would be up to Favre and how much would be up to him, Childress said: “You have to weigh both. What he’s telling you. I’ve said before. Sometimes you have to protect people from themselves as well.”

It doesn’t seem as though Favre believes he needs protection from himself, however, as long as he knows his limitations.

“I know I’ll keep an open mind about it and be smart about it,” said Favre, who made it clear he is proud of the streak. “I don’t want to go out and play just to play and look back and say, ‘I should have known better, I couldn’t make that play.’ I do know that if I didn’t have a hurt foot, I’m not going to rush for 50 yards and with a broken foot, I’m not going to rush for 50 yards. We do know that, so there are some limitations that really won’t change.”

It almost sounds like it might come down to Favre versus Childress for who decides if the quarterback plays this weekend.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.