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Maturi on Vikings at TCF has further details from University of Minnesota Athletic Director Joel Maturi. This after damage at the Metrodome was reported to be "worse than initially thought."

BMTN had this:

Maturi cautioned that there is lots to be done in the next six days.

"We have to work closely with the Vikings to make sure it’s done appropriately," Maturi said.

An ordinance in the neighborhood surrounding TCF Stadium only allows for games to be played on weekends. Maturi says the school will have to get the permission from residents in the area to play a Monday night game.

That should be fun. Are they going to go door to door? What if the neighbors say no?

The Question of alcohol, which seems like a complete non-question here at SBNation Minnesota, the building remains ill equipped to serve it, but we have few doubts a plan will be found.

What about seating? The Dome holds a great deal more people than TCF. Maturi added this:

The other big hurdle — how to squeeze the estimated 54,000 to 57,000 ticket holders into TCF Stadium, which can only hold 50,000 people.

Maturi says the school is looking into erecting temporary bleachers to accommodate the thousands of extra Vikings fans. Maturi did not comment on how seating would be assigned.

Noting there are other logistical issues, Maturi pointed to the field being frozen solid, and rock hard. He also mentioned the details such as the lines on the field are an issue:

And in terms of technicalities — Maturi says the hash marks and numbers on the field at TCF are different than NFL-regulated fields.

But with confidence in his voice, Maturi says he and the school are determined to make this game happen.

"I believe we can get the facility ready."

Let’s hope so, Mr, Maturi. You’ve already screwed up enough this year.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.