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Fox Sports Week 15 NFL Power Rankings: Back To The Downward Trend

Fox Sports pulls us out of the madness of Prisco-land and back to reality with another drop for our Beloved Purple. After moving the Vikings to number 23 following their victory over the Buffalo Bills, the loss to the New York Giants has gotten them to move Minnesota down to number 25 in the rankings.

Second verse, same as the first when it comes to commentary.

Expect to see a different starting quarterback to open next season for the Vikings. I think we all know that Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer. At this point, they might as well get rookie QB/WR Joe Webb ready to get more snaps behind center before their season is over.

No, Tarvaris Jackson isn’t the answer. Here’s hoping that we see Joe Webb out there quite a bit on Monday night. And, hey. . .as long as we’re seeing what the kid has, hopefully there won’t be any of this “playing it safe” stuff with the offense. Give the guy as much as he can handle, and let it rip with a full-on baptism by fire for the last three games of the 2010 NFL season, in my opinion.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.