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Kluwe Declares TCF Bank Stadium Surface "Unplayable"

Any Vikings fan with a Twitter account knows that if you want to get a good chuckle throughout the course of your day, the guy to follow is @ChrisWarcraft. . .the handle for Minnesota punter Chris Kluwe. Kluwe has never been one to mince his words either, and he displayed as much again after the Vikings had a walkthrough at TCF Bank Stadium this morning.

A couple of hours ago, the following series of "tweets" came from the man that wears number 5.

Serious time - All respect to the people that cleared the field and got it ready, you did an amazing job. That being said, it's unplayable.

The field is as hard as concrete an hour and a half after they took the tarp off, and anyone that hits their head is getting a concussion.

I find it interesting that the NFL can claim an emphasis on player safety, and then tell us the field is fine. It's beyond hypocritical.

I can only hope, however unlikely, that no one gets catastrophically injured at the trainwreck that's about to take place tomorrow night.

To everyone - that was a totally serious post on the field conditions. It is like walking on concrete. They took the tarp off at the same time they'll take it off before the game. The problem isn't heating it, it's retaining that heat.

Looks like things could potentially get a little ugly at The Bank tomorrow night, ladies and gentlemen.

Just hope that the NFL isn't in the business of fining people for what they say on Twitter. #exceptforchadochocinco #that'sokaybecausehe'snotaviking

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.