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CBS Sports Week Fourteen NFL Power Rankings: Hey, The Real Pete Prisco Is Back

You know, last week I thought that noted Vikings’ hater Pete Prisco was starting to soften a little bit in his stance towards the Minnesota Vikings after he moved them up from 27th in the NFL to 23rd following their four-point victory over the Washington Redskins. Maybe this Christmas season, his heart wouldn’t be two sizes two small, as the old story goes.

Boy, did I have the wrong impression. This week, after Minnesota’s 38-14 thumping of the Buffalo Bills, Prisco rewards the Vikings by moving them from number 23. . .BACK DOWN TO NUMBER 27?

And, of course, since Prisco is not only a noted Viking hater, but a noted Favre hater as well, you know what his commentary focused on.

What’s the point of playing Brett Favre even if he can play? Find out about Tarvaris Jackson.

For crying out loud, what in the hell is this guy doing? The only other team that had as big a drop in Prisco’s Power Rankings this week was the Houston Texans, who he dropped from 16 to 20 following their Thursday night loss to the Philadelphia Eagles.

For crying out loud, Prisco punished the Vikings more for a 24-point victory than he did the New York Jets. . .a team that went out on national TV in a game against their most hated rivals after running their mouths all week and lost by 42 freaking points. The Jets moved down three spots from number two to number five.

Seriously, it's almost like Prisco got done with his rankings, was getting ready to submit them to the editor, and realized that he just flat out forgot to rank the Vikings at all, so he just stuck them in the rankings wherever.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.