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NFL Trade Deadline: Minnesota Vikings Didn't Make Any Moves With Other Teams

The NFL trade deadline came and went on Tuesday afternoon without the Minnesota Vikings making any moves with other teams. That doesn't mean they didn't twiddle their thumbs, however, as they decided to make Christian Ponder the starting quarterback while moving Donovan McNabb to the bench.

One move that was suggested was moving Jared Allen, but that would have meant the Vikings would be completely giving up on the season -- not a bad idea, but without the need for Andrew Luck, a move that wouldn't exactly make sense, either.

The Patriots need a pass-rusher. That's a premiere position so finding one at a reasonable price is nearly impossible. That said, they need to be on the look out for a pass rusher that can add some much needed help in the front seven. Gil Brandt of suggested Jared Allen but, even at 1-5, I can't see the Vikings letting him up, especially for anything other than a first round pick (and likely more). No one on the market comes to mind but the Patriots don't mind making big moves that no one sees coming. Just ask Richard Seymour.

At least there won't need to be any sort of Randy Moss trade controversy this season that the Minnesota faithful has to deal with in the upcoming months.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.