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Vikings Reportedly Release WR Bernard Berrian

The situation with wide receiver Bernard Berrian and his relationship with the Minnesota Vikings is an odd one, at best. The receiver has been a healthy scratch in two of the last three games, including last Sunday against the Green Bay Packers. Berrian hasn't been putting up the numbers of expected of him, with just seven receptions on the year for under 100 yards, and he hasn't caught a touchdown pass in just about two years.

Well, it looks like the drama is at an end, at least as far as how it affects the Vikings is concerned, as Jason LaConfora is reporting that Berrian has been released:

Vikings have released WR Bernard Berrian, a move that was expected. He's been inactive lately and having some issues with the staff    

The issues with the staff still aren't fully known, but he has been complaining about playing time, which never goes well with a failure to produce when you're actually on the field. Berrian is confident in his own abilities, but hasn't really clicked with any quarterback since Brett Favre took over in 2008. Donovan McNabb is one of his supporters, but McNabb's voice from the bench doesn't provide much relief, if any.

Christian Ponder threw for good yardage and put up some points in a game against the Packers that was ultimately close. The fact that the offense was sparked without Berrian on the field probably played a part in his release on Tuesday.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.