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Minnesota Vikings Stadium Update: Friday Sessions Bring No Answers, Stadium Site Confusion

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has given himself a deadline regarding the Minnesota Vikings stadium issues. Whether that means getting the new stadium built where he wants it, or just coming up with funding in general, it's still unknown, but it appears as though talks on Friday didn't yield any answers to any significant questions regarding the plans:

Gov. Mark Dayton emerged from a closed-door meeting with legislative leaders Friday with no major breakthroughs to report.

It appears that, right now, as opposed to the stadium deal itself being worked out, nobody is actually sure if the previously planned "special session" will even take place around Nov. 21. The Governor was supposed to call a special session, generally only reserved for emergencies, with Minnesota lawmakers and others to set out a plan for the proposed stadium. The plan would ideally include the site where it's planned and likely several different plans for getting public dollars to put into the $1 billion stadium proposal.

House Speaker Kurt Zellers had some quotes regarding the meetings on Friday, suggesting that folks shouldn't expect any groundbreaking news in the near future, as each day new proposals for new stadium sites and funding plans give them different sets of numbers to crunch. That's definitely worth noting - the fact that the city continues to discuss different stadium sites, when the Vikings have been adamant about a certain site - Arden Hills - for some time now.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.