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Week 5 NFL Power Rankings: Vikings Hit Bottom At CBS Sports

While at least one site took the Minnesota Vikings out of the bottom spot this week, we can always depend on Pete Prisco over at CBS Sports to put together some good old-fashioned hatred for the purple and gold. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Prisco has dropped the Vikings into the basement in his Week 5 NFL Power Rankings, a drop of one spot from the previous week.

Once again, we get a sense of a general theme.

It's time. Play Christian Ponder. There is nothing to be gained from playing Donovan McNabb.

Yep, nothing to be gained. . .unless, of course, the coaching staff has determined that Ponder isn't ready to play yet and doesn't want to run the risk of turning him into David Carr v2.0 or something. But I'm sure things like that don't matter to Prisco. . .if the Vikings were to announce that Christian Ponder was starting next week against Arizona, he'd find a way to complain about that, too.

The coaching staff will determine when it's time to make a quarterback switch. . .call me strange, but I think they know better than Pete Prisco.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.