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Week 9 NFL Power Rankings: FOX Sports Moves Vikings Up 3 Spots

The Vikings find themselves moving up and up power rankings with just a simple quarterback switch and a thrilling win over the Carolina Panthers. It's not necessarily that beating the Panthers necessitates some huge shift in power, but more how the offense is looking and playing ... how they're got a spark since Donovan McNabb was benched. It's progress no matter how you look at it, so the rise in rankings is warranted.

FOX Sports bumps them up three spots:

23. Rookie QB Christian Ponder has had rather pedestrian numbers during his first two starts, but he reminds me a little of Aaron Rodgers in his ability to slide in the pocket and use his legs effectively on the run. It never hurts to have the best running back (Adrian Peterson) in the game behind you.     

What a comparison to invite, even on the lowest of levels. Whether or not there's any kind of Rodgers-vibe there at all, Ponder is undoubtedly better than McNabb at this point in their careers, whether it be because he's just that good, McNabb is just that bad at his age, or McNabb just doesn't care anymore. The point is that Ponder is, at the very least, a beacon of hope for the future of the Vikings offense.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.