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Madden NFL 12 Roster Updates, Week 15: Vikings' Jared Allen Goes Up Again

The Madden NFL 12 roster update is set to go live for on Friday, and with it comes a list of changes for the Minnesota Vikings. There's sixteen changes overall for Minnesota, and 11 of those have to do with player rating. Unfortunately, seven of those 11 are decreases to overall rating, following the team's loss to the Detroit Lions. Some of them are questionable, but a lot of them are significant, which only hurts the team on Madden.

For instance, both quarterbacks in Joe Webb and Christian Ponder receive decreases, despite one (Webb) playing much better than the other. The most significant decrease comes to linebacker Chad Greenway, who is falling from 90 to 89 - only a one-point drop, but significant because he lost the 90 overall. On the positive side, defensive lineman Jared Allen is once again moving back toward 99, going from 96 to 97 overall in this update. Make the jump for a full list of changes.


TE Kyle Rudolph 73 to 75
OL John Sullivan 81 to 82
OL Steve Hutchinson 86 to 87
DL Jared Allen 95 to 97


QB Christian Ponder 77 to 76
QB Joe Webb 66 to 65
HB Lorenzo Booker 66 to 65
OL Charlie Johnson 78 to 76
LB Chad Greenway 90 to 89
CB Cedric Griffin 78 to 76
S Jamarca Sanford 78 to 77


HB Adrian Peterson moved to HB #1 on depth chart
HB Toby Gerhart moved to HB #2 on depth chart
WR Emmanuel Arceneaux moved to WR #4 on depth chart
WR Stephen Burton removed from depth chart (injury)
HB Toby Gerhart Revospeed 3 Bar LB Facemask, Rubberpads, Black wristbands, Removed gloves

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.