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PHOTO: New Renderings Of Potential New Minnesota Vikings Stadium At Arden Hills

Though there's still nothing that's received a green light by any stretch of the imagination, the Minnesota Vikings continue their pursuit of a new football stadium at the Arden Hills site in Ramsey County. Along with an approved vote to go ahead and begin looking for architects who might want to take the project, the Vikings have now released a couple artist renderings of the site and how it "could" look. They've released an image of the site in summer and one in winter, and they are actually quite impressive.

It is worth noting that those images are somewhat generous, and they certainly look quite a bit advanced of what a $1.1 billion stadium could cost, but they are still impressive. In regards to the winter photo, there's fire pits and a place for ice skating and all kinds of other awesome things - but the crowd is moderate, and not at all reflective of what's likely to happen on gameday. That being said, the summer picture is impressive. Yes, those are bike trails and no - those are not practice fields. Those are community football fields. How great is that? Make the jump for the two renderings (click for full size), credit goes to the Minnesota Vikings.





Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.