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Adrian Peterson Injury: Peter King Suggests Vikings RB Won't Be Ready For Opener Of 2012 Season

On Monday, Sports Illustrated's Peter King posted his normal Monday Morning Quarterback article, and had some thoughts on Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson. The star running back injured his leg and reportedly has a torn ACL and MCL, both seriously debilitating injuries. It's still very early, and though there's most certainly a "general timetable" for the significant injuries, Peter King takes it a step further, suggesting that Peterson won't be ready for the opener in 37 weeks.

Adrian Peterson will be hard-pressed to open 2012 in the starting lineup for Minnesota. The opener is 37 weeks away. The rehab for the knee injury he suffered Saturday -- an ACL tear with MCL damage, and probably other damage in the knee -- will take about eight to 10 months after surgery. It's an injury much like the 2001 knee injury suffered by Colts running back Edgerrin James, according to's injury expert, Will Carroll, and also similar to the injury suffered by Wes Welker at the end of the 2009 season. James returned nine-and-a-half months after surgery, Welker after seven months.

While King uses apt comparisons and his math is fine enough, Peterson just suffered the injury and these things don't just vary by days, they can vary by weeks and months. Sure, Peterson could not be ready for the opening game, but it's just too soon and somewhat irresponsible to be making these kinds of predictions. It's really unclear as to whether or not Peterson will be good to go, but it's probably too early to start the Week One Watch, no?

Still, even if Peterson defies King's prediction and is action, it may take him a decent amount of time to actually look 100%. Players rarely return to form immediately after significant ACL injuries. But again, let's wait for further word before declaring him inactive.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.