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Vikings DB Coach Joe Woods On List Of Potential Head Coaching Candidates

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The Minnesota Vikings are about to enter an uncertain offseason, though perhaps slightly less uncertain than the last with the absence of a troubling lockout hanging over everyone's heads. The entire coaching staff will need to be evaluated, along with every single player on the roster. With the team set up for a top pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, that remains just a consolation in the face of a losing season.

Despite all of this, the Vikings have some good coaches on staff, and the offseason always represents a potential chance to lose said coaches as they take off for greener pastures. But who on the Vikings could be on somebody's radar for a promotion outside of the organization?

Adam Schefter posted his weekly 10 Spot article, and the No. 1 discussion piece on the agenda is this offseason's ensuing coaching carousel. There will be some teams looking for new head coaches, but as Schefter notes, this season lacks that big-name coaching candidate that other offseasons have had, outside of Jeff Fisher, who will have a limited number of teams he'll be interested in, regardless.

He goes on to list some candidates, and there's someone from the Vikings of particular note:

Vikings defensive backs coach Joe Woods: Considered to have a similar makeup to Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin, who also once served as an assistant coach with the Vikings.

This is sound reasoning, and Woods has been well-regarded around the league. This could leave the Vikings without one of their better coaches for a somewhat lacking unit at the moment. One of their top picks could be spend on a defensive back, and if Joe Woods is one of the guys to leave for greener pastures, Minnesota will certainly have a hole to fill.

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