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Personal Seat Licenses Could Be Funding Option For New Vikings Stadium

As the Minnesota Vikings stadium push continues, one potential source of financing for the cost hast yet to be discussed to any great length, as Tim Nelson notes. All we've heard thus far have been things regarding taxes, whether it be from the fans, the employees of the team itself, or even all the way to taxes on gambling and alcohol. One thing not yet discussed by the team itself in length is personal seat licenses.

A personal seat license is a way to reserve a seat for season tickets. You purchase that license, and then you're allowed to purchase season tickets there, and the license typically lasts for the entirety of the time the team plays at a venue. Not every seat in the stadium is put up for the PSL, so fans without the cash needed (a good ballpark is somewhere between $2500 and $4500) need not worry.

They're typically offered in situations just like this one - where the team needs to raise funds for stadium expenses and to pay off date. For something that is totally optional, these licenses are oddly controversial and that might be why the Vikings haven't explored the option. The San Francisco 49ers, who have just received funding for their stadium, announced they'd be using PSLs almost immediately after announcing their new stadium plans.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.