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NFL Labor News: Players Agree To Second Extension; Awaiting Word From Owners?

That's what's being reported by Sports Business Journal, in any event (courtesy of SB Nation). Federal mediator George Cohen has recommended a seven to ten day extension in order to get the new Collective Bargaining Agreement hammered out, and the players are now awaiting word from the owners as to whether or not they'll accept that extension as well.

In addition to being a bit of good news for football fans, it's also a pretty savvy PR move by the players. Now, if the owners don't agree to an extension and decide to lock the players out regardless, the players can turn around and say, "Well, we tried to work something out, but the owners just didn't want to negotiate with us, so now there might not be a season."

Don't think that the owners don't know that.

If the owners agree to this extension, negotiations will continue for the next week to ten days. If they don't. . .well, then the CBA expires at 11 PM Central time, the union would probably decertify before that (the deadline for that is 3 PM Central), and who knows what would happen at that point.

Stay tuned right here for any updates.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.