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Sid Hartman Weighs In On Donovan McNabb Rumors

I'm not sure how likely it is that Donovan McNabb winds up with he Minnesota Vikings this offseason, but we are certainly starting to see some smoke surrounding that potential fire. Sid Hartman of the Star Tribune laid out some ways that the Vikings could get McNabb into the fold this offseason.

The biggest issue is that the Vikings can not trade for McNabb while the NFL has locked out it's players. And even if they decide that they want to trade for him when a new CBA is agreed upon, they would likely have to re-do his contract once he gets to Minnesota.

The other, and probably more likely option, is that the Redskins would release McNabb and the Vikings could sign him for relatively cheap without having to give away any draft picks in the process. This too would have to wait until the lockout is over, but it would likely be a more attractive option for them.

Whatever the method, Hartman believes that the Vikings do have legitimate interest in McNabb.

I have reasons to believe the Vikings' interest in McNabb is a lot more than just a rumor. No doubt the plan is to sign a veteran quarterback, draft another and try to develop Joe Webb into the future starter.

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