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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Pete Prisco Likes The Vikings' Picks. . .Yes, Really

Many people that have been reading the site for a while know that I've had my issues with Pete Prisco of CBS Sports. I know he generally doesn't think very highly of the Vikings, and I'm still convinced that his Power Rankings, and the Vikings' place within them, are done by pulling names out of a hat.

Which made it that much more surprising that Prisco gave many of the Minnesota Vikings' draft picks very high marks. He, unlike many other "experts," actually had some pretty high praise for the Vikings' selection of Florida State's Christian Ponder.

I love this pick. I think he will be the best in this class. Smart. Tough. Sees the field. Great move, Vikings.

That's more compliments than I've seen Prisco give the Vikings in about the last five years. Combined.

But that wasn't all. . .he also gave an B+ grade to Minnesota's second-round selection of Notre Dame tight end Kyle Rudolph.

For the third day of the draft, Prisco gave way to Jon Dove of Mocking the Draft (SB Nation represent, and such), and the praise for the Vikings continued. The Vikings' got an A from Dove for their pick of Iowa defensive lineman Christian Ballard in the fourth round, and a B+ for their fifth-round tabbing of Utah defensive back Brandon Burton.

The fairly high marks continued as we moved into the sixth round, as Arkansas offensive lineman DeMarcus Love got Minnesota a B+, and Slippery Rock center Brandon Fusco got the Vikings another B. Ohio State linebacker Ross Homan was given a B- grade by Mr. Dove, with South Florida defensive back Mistral Raymond getting a C.

The seventh round was not quite as kind to the Vikings, with Arizona defensive lineman D'Aundre Reed getting a C+, while West Texas A&M wide receiver Stephen Burton garnered only a C-, the lowest grade of any of Minnesota's ten picks.

Still, that's a pretty darn good report card for a ten-man draft, I think.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.