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2011 NFL Draft Grades: Walter Football Likes Minnesota's Draft. . .Mostly

Walter Football is a very good resource site for draft information. . .it gives a very different perspective that, for the most part, isn't biased for or against particular teams. The folks over there simply give the facts as they see them about the various NFL teams.

While they haven't issued grades for the draft as a whole, they did grade the individual picks as they went along, and the folks at Walter Football loved Minnesota's draft, for the most part. Of the ten selections the Vikings made, seven of them were given an A-grade by Walter Football.

The pick that they had as the worst Vikings' selection? Well, like many others, it was the selection of quarterback Christian Ponder, a grade that only received a D.

A reach that would make Inspector Gadget proud. I can't believe this draft class is so bad that it forces Christian Ponder up to No. 12. I know the Vikings need a quarterback, but, wow.

I'm not saying Ponder is going to bust, by the way. He could be OK. But to take a second-round prospect at No. 12 is pretty crazy.

Like I said, I like Walter Football a lot, really I do. But Christian Ponder was not a second-round prospect, and there's no way he would have been available at 43. The Vikings also didn't have the ammunition to trade up, what with not having a third-round selection, and if they had traded up they probably wouldn't have done as well as they did the rest of the way.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.