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Vikings Stadium Update: Proposal Deadline Passes; Arden Hills, Metrodome Site Unsurprisingly Top Options

Thursday's deadline for communities to submit proposals to Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton regarding a new football stadium for the Vikings came and went, and there are at least four proposals to sort through. Minneapolis backed the Metrodome site, while Ramsey County pushed the Arden Hills site, one that is still favored by the Vikings. There were also proposals for a site in Shakopee and a site in Bloomington.

Still, the state is proceeding as though the Metrodome site and Arden Hills site are the most pertinent to work through. Both Minneapolis and Ramsey County seem to be getting heated in the matter. According to the Pioneer Press, Ramsey County Commissioner Tony Bennett was asked to comment on the Minneapolis plan, to which he responded, "Which site?"

It's true that the city of Minneapolis has about three different sites that they are considering. The deadline set by Dayton imposed a strict proposal limit of one site per community, so Minneapolis is moving forward with the Metrodome site, but they left the door open for further proposals, telling the Governor that there were other sites to consider as well. Leaving the door open like that is really what has set all of this back in the first place: multiple sites to consider so actual work in securing funding can't be done.

The site in Arden Hills is backed by 148 pages outlining a plan that commits $375 million to the project. Minneapolis' Metrodome site was a four-page plan that focuses primarily on taxes, with their contribution being $313 million. At this point, the state is likely to visit individually with all parties concerned, and discuss the various proposals. They'll also meet with the Vikings, who are still set on Arden Hills as their No. 1 option. They'd previously explained how the Metrodome site has hidden costs to go with it.

Most are of the opinion that the Governor will have something of substance to say about the proposals about a week from Thursday.

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