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Vikings Stadium Update: 'Genuine Possibility' That Decision Could Be Delayed Until Next Year

The Minnesota Vikings may have to wait another year for a new football stadium to finally be approved, though it's still quite a bit early to tell for sure. The Star Tribune had some quotes from Minnesota Governor Mark Datyon's chief stadium negotiator, Ted Mondale, and the outlook wasn't great. Mondale said "time is not on our side right now," and that it is now the "biggest enemy." Mondale had previously said in December that, if all parties hadn't agreed on a stadium site by mid-January, they'd be behind. That deadline has come and gone.

Now, the 2012 legislative session is set to meet on Tuesday, and there's no plan in place. The Vikings stand no chance of making any leeway in the sessions if they don't have an actual proposal to set forward. There's still doubt on which site will actually get the approval: Linden Avenue, Metrodome, or Arden Hills. The first of those sites is the one that Dayton seems to be favoring, but problems with the Basilica of St. Mary have come up and may hinder the plans to build near there.

Dayton has said that there are multiple problems at all of the stadium sites, and also added that it is a genuine possibility that a decision could be delayed until next year.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.