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Vikings Stadium Update: Team Considering Another Site Near Metrodome

Further mucking up the already convoluted search for a new Minnesota Vikings stadium, the team is now reportedly considering a fourth site outside of the three main sites already discussed. According to Minnesota Public Radio, the Vikings are now considering a site near the Metrodome, about four blocks away. They're just looking and doing some preliminary reports, and it's unlikely that anything gets done this year, if the Vikings decide that it is an option they'd like to pursue.

There are plenty of issues, including a good deal of land that would need to be bought up to relocate some businesses and things of that nature. It's hard to see that kind of thing being decided sooner rather than later, but the site does have a lot of positives. For one, Governor Mark Dayton is really big on a stadium in Minneapolis, while the Vikings are fine with it, they just don't want the current site of the Metrodome.

It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of this. One has to wonder if the Vikings are looking into it because the Governor will not allow a site at Arden Hills under any circumstances. While he's never said this outright, it's clear that he's looking at Minneapolis. With the likelihood that the NFL would veto the current site of the Metrodome, the Vikings might be looking into this for lack of a better option.

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