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Percy Harvin trade request was due to confusion

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During minicamp, Percy Harvin requested a trade from the Minnesota Vikings. He's happy now, but only recently clarified what had him so upset.

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The Minnesota Vikings certainly had an interesting offseason, minicamp and training camp. The focus continually shifted from changes to the coaching staff, to the whole fiasco with the new stadium and, once minicamp started, the drama surrounding wide receiver Percy Harvin and how he was unhappy with his situation.

It wasn't known what was making him unhappy at the time, but Harvin recently clarified the situation, saying that he was frustrated with not knowing which position he was going to play day-in and day-out, according to the Pioneer Press.

"I think it was just the identity of our offense, just not only me, just guys knowing exactly what the coaches are asking of them on a week-to-week basis," said Harvin, who has lined up at receiver and running back, besides returning kickoffs. "(It was) not playing one position one week, and (coming) in and not totally having a grasp on what they're asking for the next week.

At the time, Harvin had requested a trade and took to Twitter to announce that his issues were not contract related, so his explanation definitely fits. It especially fits in conjunction with the fact that the Vikings were going through some major transitions this offseason, with a quarterback entering his second year in Christian Ponder and a starting running back that nobody was sure would be totally ready for the start of the season in Adrian Peterson.

Still, there was a lot of drama in this situation, and that does seem like such a simple explanation for what was bothering him. Either way, that's the official word on it and the shoe does fit. One just has to wonder if Harvin is fine with things now because they made his role more clear, or instead made his role more suitable to what he wanted to do.

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