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Robert Griffin III Injury: Redskins QB likely to play against Vikings

Robert Griffin III is likely to play against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday after suffering a concussion in his last outing.

Patrick Smith - Getty Images

If the Minnesota Vikings were hoping they'd have an easier time against the Washington Redskins thanks to a concussion to quarterback Robert Griffin III, their hopes would have been misplaced. According to FOX Sports North, head coach Mike Shanahan said that Griffin's prognosis looks good, and that the general feeling is a positive one.

"We should fine out in the next few days exactly what happens," Shanahan said. "Right now it looks good. I'm not really sure if it stays that way. The professionals will monitor his situation and let us know if able he's able to play or not. We surely have nothing to do with it."

Griffin went down with the injury in last week's game, and was described as "shaken up," which drew a lot of controversy given how seriously the NFL has started to take concussions in recent years. That's a term that's generally considered very outdated and not at all indicative of a team that is taking proper care of a concussion, though Shanahan's statements here show that they're going the specified route for their rookie quarterback.

Griffin was injured on a play in which he was scrambling near the sidelines, and much of the talk surrounding him revolves around him growing as a quarterback and, you know, sliding or running out of bounds instead of taking those hits. When the Vikings play on Sunday, if it's Griffin starting at quarterback, it's likely he'll be a little less-likely to try and make those huge plays with his feet, which certainly helps them.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.