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Vikings Stadium Update: Another Day, Another Potential Site, This One In Duluth

The Minnesota Vikings are no closer today than they were several months ago in regards to a new football stadium. We've had multiple stadium proposals, with seemingly viable options (that are preferred by the Vikings) being shot down in favor of a stadium in Minneapolis, which is what Governor Mark Dayton prefers. Unfortunately, Minneapolis doesn't have the funds to do all that would be required to build at most of the potential sites at and around the Metrodome.

Still, that hasn't prevented them from totally eliminating potentially more viable options like the site at Arden Hills, but what it has done is open the door for basically anybody and their mother to launch their own proposals. No offense to the wonderful city of Shakopee, but their stadium proposal was out of left field and, frankly, didn't stand much a chance to go anywhere. And it didn't.

Naturally, we've got another site to consider, with Minnesota Senator Roger Reinert adding a potential site in Duluth. Of course, it's long after the deadline, but then again, Dayton has allowed Minneapolis to add more proposals since said deadline, so that point is moot. It's not likely that this plan will go anywhere, with none of the parties seeming exceptionally receptive to a completely new deal, let alone one in Duluth.

According to the Pioneer Press, the deal proposes a stadium southwest of downtown Duluth on 500 acres of the previous site of U.S. Steel and Atlas Cement Works. The land is already being cleaned up for other reasons, so it could be feasible in that regard. It's not feasible in regards to how far it is from anything of relevance. Needless to say, it's more frustrating than anything that everything is still at a point in which these proposals can even be submitted.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.