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Vikings Stadium Update: Team Not Happy With New Ramsey County Proposal

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Just what the whole Minnesota Vikings stadium situation needed: problems between the team and their preferred site at Arden Hills in Ramsey County. Arden Hills has been the site most-favored by the Vikings since the beginning of their stadium search this offseason, but it's been facing some funding issues that Governor Mark Dayton has said need to be addressed before it becomes a viable option. On top of that, it's clear Dayton wants the stadium to be build in Minneapolis, so there's mounting issues.

Ramsey County attempted to address some of those issues with a new funding proposal that would go depend on ticket fees (potential taxes) and other game-related charges. According to USA Today, the Vikings aren't hot on that new proposal, and themselves have struck it down, not giving Governor Dayton a chance to, regardless of whether it's feasible or not.

For the Vikings, it violates their initial agreement with Ramsey County that made them the favorites in the first place. The new proposal would rely on admissions taxes, something the Vikings were adamant about not having. Though it's possible that some strides have been made with the new proposal, and it's definitely good that Ramsey County is still in on this plan that doesn't seem to work out because it potentially makes too much sense, it's still bad that nobody has any idea which site is actually the front-runner.

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