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NFL Mock Draft 2012: SB Nation Mocks Matt Kalil To Minnesota

With the new news that the Washington Redskins are possibly the new favorites to bump up in the NFL Draft and pick up Robert Griffin III with a pick above the Cleveland Browns, the Minnesota Vikings are probably interested in trading if the St. Louis Rams don't feel like trading down. At this point though, the new SB Nation 2012 NFL Mock Draft has the Skins taking over the Rams pick and leaving the Vikings with the very nice consolation prize of USC tackle Matt Kalil.

Kalil is the best left tackle in the draft since Jake Long in 2008. He's a natural in pass protection, and should make life much easier for Christian Ponder in Week 1. Kalil needs to hone his run blocking before ascending to the class of elite of elite linemen.

I'm pretty sure that every single team in the league would jump at the chance to get a guy compared to Jake Long. Heck, even the Miami Dolphins would probably jump at the chance, and they have Jake Long.

For more on the Vikings, check out The Daily Norseman. For more on the draft in general, check out Mocking The Draft or just head to the SB Nation NFL hub at

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.