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Randy Moss To End Retirement, Return To The NFL

Former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss has decided he wants to return to the NFL. His one-season retirement apparently didn't go as planned.

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Randy Moss didn't leave the Minnesota Vikings under the best of circumstances after being such a standout player earlier in his NFL career, but the 35-year-old wide receiver is having trouble staying away from the game. The enigmatic playmaker announced on Monday that he plans to return to the NFL this season.

Moss didn't make the announcement at a press conference, through his agent or by any other regular means, though. Instead he took to the video broadcasting site UStream and announced his intentions there, from his home.

SB Nation's Jon Bois transcribed the important part of his foray into self-broadcasting:

[...] my heart and my mind wasn't really into it, man, 'cause I had some things going on off the field, so now that I've been able to address those problems, and tried to get a grip on things ... you know, I had a talk with my family and they let me know, 'baby, it's fine, whatever you want to do.'

Your boy is gonna come back and play some football, man. I'm very excited. Like I said, man, I just had a lot of things that I had to adjust in my life, man.

Faith, family, and football, man. That's my M.O., bro. If one of those three is off balance, man, then you get a mad, disappointed, and sad Moss [...] hopefully I get on a team, man, and hopefully I can finish this thing the way I want to."

His last chance didn't go as planned as far as ending "this thing" the way Moss wanted to, but maybe he'll find more of what he's looking for this time around.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.