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Will This Randy Moss Comeback Go Better Than The Last One?

Randy Moss is attempting a comeback this season after sitting out last year following a regrettable "comeback" to the Minnesota Vikings. It's unfortunate he isn't able to stay retired rather than subject himself to playing past his prime.

Randy Moss announced on Monday that he plans on making a comeback after taking last season off to deal with whatever it is he dealt with during his time away from football. The enigmatic wide receiver can easily make that announcement, but he also has to have someone sign him before its officially considered a "comeback."

Unfortunately, if teams are judging him from his most recent season, the one that featured a regrettable return to the Minnesota Vikings in between stops with the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans, Moss might have difficulty finding a team to pay him.

If he's able to complete the comeback, though, hopefully it goes better than the time he came back to the Vikings.

There were quite a few rumors circulated last season that Moss had the interest of a few teams, but everyone's former-favorite wide receiver turned them down as he waited for the right circumstances. Perfect circumstances, in fact, according to the NFL Network's Jason La Canfora:

He's interested only really in going somewhere where he's going to have a chance to play with an elite quarterback and win a championship.

Moss turned 35 on Monday and sitting out a year almost certainly hurt his ability to run crisp routes and find the extra gear he was once famous for during his hay day. It's tough to imagine why an NFL team with a winning record and an elite quarterback would take a risk on offering playing time to a guy that's been deemed a locker room cancer more than once in his past.

Remember, as the Associated Press pointed out in its recap of the comeback news, exactly what happened last time Moss returned somewhere he'd been in the past:

While with the Vikings, Moss bumped a traffic cop in downtown Minneapolis, squirted a referee with a water bottle during a game, left the field early in a game against Washington and berated a caterer at team headquarters.

Of course Moss won't be returning to Minnesota -- one would assume, anyway -- but his last comeback, per se, certainly didn't end on good terms. Is there any chance something better than him ending up with Terrell Owens as a player/owner in the Indoor Football League happens?

It doesn't seem likely and, really, Moss's reputation doesn't need the extra sullying that would provide. It's unfortunate players aren't able to stay retired once they're past their prime.

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