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Cris Carter On Randy Moss And The Hall Of Fame: He's Bitter, Maybe

Cris Carter made headlines on Tuesday by criticizing fellow former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Randy Moss regarding the latter's plans to make a comeback out of retirement. Carter kind of recanted that sentiment in an interview Wednesday morning, however, instead taking issue with the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Carter hopped on The Michael Irvin Show in Miami to discuss his issues with the Hall of Fame (or their issues with wide receivers?) and, thanks to Sports Radio Interviews, a transcript of the good parts was posted online. It isn't the most eye-opening interview, but it's hard to wonder if Carter isn't just a little bitter at the world following his being snubbed by the Hall of Fame again this year.

"I just think it is the wide receiver. I think the modern day wide receiver I would say that his skill level is not appreciated. It's not just about the numbers. It's the ability to catch the football and put your talent on display. That being in the 1980′s and 90′s and you know I played in three different decades, so Mike people like yourself...people like Joe Montana, man people have said things to me...Hall of Famers. Mike Haynes. Ronnie Lott. I talked to him at the Super Bowl. When you all say something to me it really means a lot more. I can't do no more. I appreciate what you guys are saying and doing everything, but I pleaded my case those 16 years I played in this league."

Carter definitely made the case that he's worthy of being in the Hall of Fame, as evidenced by his seasons with the Vikings, so it makes sense that he's not all that happy right now. That may be why he took out some aggression on Moss Tuesday, but Carter toned it down while talking to Irvin on the radio:

"Well if he could run...if he could run and if he has the hunger to play? I think you can give him an incentive-laden contract. Every other time Randy said that he was ready to play? He was ready to play. Having a year off and he's been relatively healthy. I like to see Randy put on a workout and say, ‘Hey man I am going to show you all this is what I can do. I want to show you all how fast I can run.' Once I see that and he already said he wanted to play. That's enough for me and given what's out there? Given the other receivers out there? I'd give him a shot at that."

It seems this should already be a non-story as Carter's concerns seem legitimate, but it's tough to tell if Moss will lash out once again at his former mentor following the new comments ... or if he simply decides to prove it on the field.

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