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Vikings Stadium Update: Mark Dayton's Comments Could Set Things Back Further

As if the Minnesota Vikings needed another issue with their plans for a new stadium, there are now some potential unrelated issues, stemming from some comments from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. While it's not totally accurate to say that the Vikings have "plans" for a new stadium, as nobody has any idea where it's actually going to be built, this still hampers all progress.

Rather, it potentially hampers all progress, but given that this is politics where egos are ever-important, it probably will. According to the Star Tribune, Dayton had strong words regarding Senate Republicans, saying that they were "unfit to govern." These statements were unrelated to the stadium issue, but they were referring to Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Fairmont, the chief Senate author of stadium legislation.

So, in other words, Dayton would benefit greatly from getting this stadium done, and he just insulted someone who has a lot of power in getting things approved, or up-to-snuff for approval. This kind of thing doesn't help at all, and a quote from Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, the chief House stadium legislation author, is certainly worrying:

"Some of the language he used in showing his [being] upset was pretty harsh," said Lanning. "We're in a climate right now where harsh language from either side is not healthy when it comes to any issue - when it comes to any controversial issue."

Aside from the fact that those words are ominous, it's just another sign that there is so much that needs to be done on so many fronts for the Vikings to get something done sooner rather than later. Delays are looking more and more likely by the day.

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