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Vikings Free Agency 2012: Is Brandon Carr An Option For Minnesota?

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The Minnesota Vikings are not too far away from being a contending team, with strong players in place at multiple positions. One place they'll certainly need to get better at in 2012 is the cornerback position, not surprising given the issues they've had with Chris Cook. It's definitely one of their biggest needs, alongside wide receiver and offensive tackle. They've got a high pick in the draft, so it will all be about who they can land in free agency before said draft.

With some very strong tackles at the top of the draft, it's likely Minnesota will need to take care of corner or wide receiver in free agency. The Pioneer Press floated an interesting name recently: Brandon Carr.

If the Vikings take one big swing in free agency - which I could see - then Carr would make sense. Yes, the cost is a concern, but signing Carr would allow the Vikings to focus on left tackle and receiver in the first two rounds of April's draft. Free agency and the draft are both deep at corner or wide receiver, so expect at least some activity on both fronts for the Vikings.

It's a move that does make sense, given the recent signing of Stanford Routt by the Chiefs. Carr is a big-name corner and the Vikings need to pay to get him. Their secondary was stretched thin this past season, with many players that fans had never even heard of on the field. Carr would be expensive, but he'd also fit right in and help out every other position on the defense.

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