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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Matt Kalil Still Going To Vikings In Post-Combine Mock From SB Nation

The NFL Combine is over. There have been exciting moves all around most people's draft boards, except of course for the third overall pick where the Minnesota Vikings are still fully expected to select USC Tackle Matt Kalil as long as they don't take their pick and trade it down to another team who want Kalil, Morris Claiborne or another top prospect.

The post combine SB Nation 2012 NFL Mock Draft is out and there's absolutely no surprises from the Minnesota side of things, with Kalil still the man of the hour.

Beyond Luck and Griffin, Kalil is the only other kind of building block player in this draft. He ran the 40 in under 5 seconds; he weighs 306 pounds. The Vikings' quarterbacks will feel safe and warm for years to come with Kalil protecting their blind side.

Certainly his combine was very impressive. He's fast, athletic, has a good reach and can pass block up there with the best of them. There should be absolutely no complaints about getting a prospect as solid as Kalil in the draft, especially if you happen to be Christian Ponder staring down all the guys on the other side of the field hoping to smack you down. It may get old hearing that name to Minnesota every week, but it's not a bad name to hear.

Hey, at least we haven't hit 'Andrew Luck to Indianapolis' levels of boring predictions yet.

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Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.