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Super Bowl 2012: Taiwan Weighs In On Sunday's Quarterback Battle

These days, it's not officially an event until the folks from Taiwan's have weighed in on it, with their. . .shall we say, "special". . .brand of animation giving us a bit of a different perspective from the eyes of the Far East.

So, with Super Bowl XLVI just a couple of hours away, they've asked. . .who is the "elite quarterback" in today's game? Here are the results. . .enjoy!

Come to think of it, they didn't really answer the question, did they?

Regardless of that, whichever of these two quarterbacks wins today's game is going to go quite a long way in cementing their legacy. If Tom Brady leads the New England Patriots to victory, he will be one of only three quarterbacks (along with Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana) to have four Super Bowl victories. Should Eli Manning take the New York Giants to victory, he will then have twice as many Super Bowl victories as his brother Peyton. . .and should finally get completely out of his shadow.

And, as a Vikings fan, I'm quite happy that Aaron Rodgers will be watching the game from the sidelines.

Kickoff is just about two hours away, folks. . .we'll have all the relevant updates for you right here!

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.