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Super Bowl XLVI Score Update: First Points Come On A Safety

Well, we've gotten off to an interesting start to Super Bowl XLVI as far as the scoring is concerned.

After the New England Patriots eventually snuffed out the New York Giants' first drive, Giants' punter Steve Weatherford pinned the Patriots down at the six-yard line. On New England's first play, Tom Brady dropped back to pass and, after scanning the field for a while, lofted one deep down the field that didn't appear to have anyone all that close to it.

While it looked like it would be 2nd-and-10 for the Patriots, the officials were conferring back in the end zone and, eventually, a flag was thrown. What was the flag for?

The flag was for intentional grounding. And because Brady was in the end zone when he threw the pass, such a penalty resulted in a safety and a 2-0 lead for the Giants early in the first quarter.

Incidentally, the odds of the first points of the Super Bowl coming via a safety were 50-to-1, according to most sports books. So, if you bet on that one, congratulations!

The Giants are currently driving with just under seven minutes left in the first quarter of play, holding that 2-0 lead.

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.