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Super Bowl Halftime Show 2012: Madonna Puts On Fine Performance In Indy

In case you hadn't heard anything prior to the game, the halftime entertainment at Super Bowl XLVI was provided by none other than Madonna. Now, as a testosterone-fueled male and all of that, but to review the show, I need to crib a quote from modern American prophet C. Montgomery Burns. . .

"I'm not a music critic, but I know what I hate. . .and I didn't hate this."

Madge (as she's called in the United Kingdom) smartly kept the majority of the music to her older hits, starting off with Vogue and transitioning into Music. After a bridge of. . .Party Rock Anthem and Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO, she went into a song that I, honestly, didn't recognize. (Hey, I said mostly older hits, did I not?)

Cee-Lo Green then led a couple of marching bands on stage, and he and Madonna did a duet of Open Your Heart. (I'll take "sentences I never thought I'd write" for $400, Trebek.) Madonna and Green then led a choir in a rendition of Like a Prayer, which ended the show.

I didn't expect much from this halftime show, to be honest, but I thought it was a pretty decent job by Madonna. Sure, it wasn't Prince-level awesome or anything like that (but no halftime show ever again is going to be Prince-level awesome), but it wasn't awful by any means, either.

But, it is indeed over, and we're going to be back to football here before too much longer. Stick around for the rest of the game!

Photographs by Micah Taylor, clairity, and Fibonacci Blue used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.