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Vikings Free Agency 2012: LB Erin Henderson Vents About Lack Of Contract

The Minnesota Vikings are currently figuring out how to approach the free agent market and weigh the available players against the players they want to bring back from the 2011 season. That's not including the moves they'll be looking to make in the 2012 NFL Draft. One of the players they have not yet locked up for next season is starting weakside linebacker Erin Henderson.

Tom Pelissero of 1500 ESPN Twin Cities reports that Henderson took to Twitter on Friday to vent about his current status with the Vikes.

"In a value and franchise value aren't always going to match," Henderson wrote. "If someone can play 3 positions ... their value has to go up.

"I've watched every single 1 of my games from last (year) 10 (times) over. I know what I'm worth. Not to mention they (have not) even give me an offer. I don't come to (your) job and tell (you) what you (should and shouldn't) make. So how can (you) say what I'm worth?"

It remains to be seen whether the two sides will be able to come to an agreement, or if Henderson will be wearing different colors when the 2012 season kicks off.

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